Parent Education

Parent Education

About the school photos Group“Santa Cruz Montessori has helped my children develop into the confident, interested, engaged children they had the potential to become. I see them grow every day.”—SCM Parent

The administrators and faculty of Santa Cruz Montessori work in partnership with parents to provide an education that meets the needs of the whole child.

To help you in this partnership role, we offer parent education classes throughout the year. These classes teach you the principles of healthy child development, so you can develop your own parenting style. You can also discuss your views, concerns, and experiences with other parents who have similar goals for their children.

Class topics include positive discipline, Montessori in the home, the Montessori curriculum, understanding the Montessori Method, Journey & Discovery, family life, and social, emotional, and moral development on all levels, from the very youngest children through adolescence.

Through these and other topics, we share with parents the obstacles to and joys of responsible parenting.

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